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what we collect, and how we use it.

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Information We Collect

When you visit our website we collect certain information about your visit.

We collect this information so we can provide you with a service, gather analytical data to improve our site and maintain security of our systems and stored information.

For every visit we collect your IP Address, and log the URL’s or resources requested by your device.

Depending on how your browser is configured, or based on the preferences you set in the ‘Analytics Opt-In/Out’ section below, we may collect additional analytical information. See ‘Analytical Data’ for more information.

Analytical Data

We collect analytical data for the purpose of understanding our audience, gaining insights into our website performance and to adapt the technology set used to deliver content to our users.

We collect this data on our servers, we cannot personally identify you based on this information and we anonymise your IP Address from the time of collection.

We respect browser ‘Do Not Track’ functionality, and will not track your visit beyond the standard information collected required to deliver you the service (IP,URL Log)

When You Call Us

When you call us our phone system will store you caller ID, with a timestamp of the call and duration.

Calls to our main line and auxiliary lines are automatically recorded for quality and training purposes.

In accordance with state laws we will notify you before recording your call via an automated cue before the call is connected.

For outbound lines our staff will notify you if your call is being recorded.

We may also record points discussed in the call with our customer relationship system. (CRM)

Third Parties

We won’t sell your data, however we may need to provide it to a trusted third party to provide you with a service.

Whilst providing you with service, we may transmit, encode, transfer or provide information collected to our third-parties to complete the desired service.

Information may remain on third-party systems during this process.


  • Our hosting provider
  • Email provider
  • Courier/Postal Service

Disclosure Of Your Information

Required By Law

We may disclose the information we have stored about you when required by law.

We will notify you when possible and will limit the information provided to the scope of the request

If Someone is In Immediate Danger

We will disclose information to emergency service or law enforcement if we believe someone may harm themselves or another person.

Our Public Key

Use our PGP Public Key to securely communicate sensitive issues with us, this includes security concerns or sensitive information.


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Last modified: November 12, 2023

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